Fur Sure!
     LEOMINSTER, MA 01453
 Phone: 978-840-8578
Email: Info@fursure.net


I Had to say Good Bye to Chaz (above). 1/13/2005 - 7/16/2018
Chaz was my Faithful, Constant Companion and "Business Partner"
from the start of Fur Sure! Pet Sitting in 2005. He met numerous dog
friends along the way. I have hundreds of great pictures of him with
different customers throughout the years. He was a Character.
Chaz logged in thousands of walking and jogging miles with me and I
will miss that. He had the best possible life and lived to be 13 & 1/2
years old. Rest in Peace Chaz.  My Best Friend.
I also lost my Black Lab Monte in 2017 (@ almost 13 yrs). He was Awesome.
Now I find myself Dog less.  It's the end of a great era for this Pet Sitter.
Please take a moment to browse through my site to     
learn more about the services I offer.  However, if        
you  don't see exactly what your looking for here,         
please feel free to contact Fur Sure! Pet Sitting            
Service to discuss your particular needs.   
My hope is that you'll feel confident in my ability to       
meet all of your expectations and know that your pet    
friends are always number one in priority.
I appreciate your consideration and look forward to      
hearing from you soon.
Brenda Derosier
Owner, Fur Sure! Pet Sitting Service

                    SERVICE AREA'S:
       Leominster, Fitchburg, Lunenburg
                       (Lancaster, Westminster and Sterling)
  • Specializing in: VACATION PET CARE
         Visits to Your Home (or)
         Doggie Vacay: Dogs stay at my home
             (see rates page for more information, prices & camera info )
  • FULLY INSURED BUSINESS (Pet Sitters Associates)
  • Note: I have a (5 VISIT) pet sit minimum for new customers
        for in your home pet sitting. No limits with a contract.
  • Note: I have a (3 DAY) minimum for dogs staying with me
        in my home for new customers.           
  • Bunnies - Fish
  • Birds (if kept in cage)
  • Pet Sitting Services available:  (7) days a week.
           Start time for first visit  is 6 a.m.&  Last Visit is 9 p.m.  
  • Pet sits last  30 - 45 minutes
  • Cat pet sits start  8 or 9 a.m - preferably day hours for visits
           (only reason: cats have litter boxes and dogs need early let outs)
           I have a one visit minimum for cats per day/no every other day
           Sorry, I do not board cats at my home.
  • I provide 3(or more) visits per day for dog visits to your home
  • Doggie Vacay (private dog boarding in my home)
        one dog family at a time and very personalized
  • I do not offer Dog Day care (dogs dropped off for the day only)
  • Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and on flea control.
  • Only well mannered/socialized and house trained dogs please.
            House trained dogs 1 yr and up preferred. Will accept younger.
  • Surcharge per day for puppies under 6 months & under 1 yr.
  • Senior Dogs Welcome!  I understand any special care.  
  • A surcharge for seniors may be applied per day dependent on care  
  • Anxious dogs not used to being left alone, chewers or destructive dogs are
    not a good fit in a private home setting. I have to leave the house for outside
    pet sits for short periods of time and a dog would be left alone. I can't risk
    damage to my home if a dog acts out when alone.
  • I love to walk, hike or just being outside the great outdoors.
           If you have a dog that enjoys a nice walk  (long or short),
           enjoys going for a ride to the park for an adventure,
           or perhaps just likes to be outside to dilly dally
           and sniff,  look no further than Fur Sure! Pet Sitting Service.......
           Your Dog will Thank You.
SINCE 2005
I'm on supposed to be on
Doggie VACAY here!
CALVIN (at his home) LOOKING
AWESOME AT 18 Years!
ROSIE AND BULLWINKLE (what's not to Love?)
Hi Maddox! You look
so handsome Big Boy.
Drew, Macy and my Chaz
Dog friendly downstairs
Dog friendly upstairs
Please Note:
At this time I am only Accepting Reservations with a
start date of
Monday,September 10th and Later.
I am not longer accepting reservations for dates before
September 10th.
A meet/greet for service September 10th and later
can only be scheduled up until mid-day on August 30th.