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I Had to say Good Bye to Chaz (above). 1/13/2005 - 7/16/2018
Chaz was my faithful, constant companion and "Business Partner"
from the start of Fur Sure! Pet Sitting in 2005. Chaz met numerous
dog friends along the way and had an awesome life. The Best.
I have not been able to replace him quite yet.    

Please take a moment to browse through my site to     
learn more about the services I offer.   
My hope is that you'll feel confident in my ability to       
meet all of your expectations and know that your pet    
friends are always number one in priority.
I appreciate your consideration and look forward to      
hearing from you soon.
Brenda Derosier
Owner, Fur Sure! Pet Sitting Service
                          SERVICE AREA'S:
       Leominster, Fitchburg, Lunenburg
                              (parts of Sterling - Westminster)            
  • Pet Sitting (visits to your home)
        (Please read my rates page regarding camera policy)
            Note: I have a (5) pet sit minimum for New Customers.  
            No minimum visits once a customer with a contract.
  • Doggie Vacay: Dogs stay at my home
         Private family style boarding (1-2 dogs/same owner/household)
            Very personalized service. Lots of attention & affection.
   Dogs 6 months and older. No service area restrictions with this service.
       Note: I have a (3 Day) minimum for DOGGIE VaCAY
            See Rates page for more details
  • FULLY INSURED BUSINESS (Pet Sitters Associates)
  • Bunnies - Fish
  • Birds (if kept in cage) / & other pets you may have
  • Pet Sitting Services available:  (7) days a week.
           Start time for first visit is 6 a.m. &  Last Visit is 9 p.m.  
  • Pet sits last  30 - 45 minutes  (for visits to your home)
  • Cat Pet Sits start at 8 or 9 a.m - for (1) scheduled visit per day.  
    Preferably day hours for visits.
           (only reason: cats have litter boxes and dogs require an early
            morning time slot for let outs)
  • I have a one visit minimum for cats per day/no every other day
  • If (2) visits are scheduled per day for cats, the first visit can
            accommodate an earlier time frame if needed.  
            Booking dates in advance over short notice ensures early availability.
  • Sorry, I do not offer Boarding for Cats. Only visits to your home.         
  • I Do Not offer Dog Day Care (in my home for a single afternoon only)  
  • Please. Well mannered, socialized and house trained dogs  
            for Doggie VaCay Service. Dogs must be trained to potty outside.
  • Seniors are Very Welcome (I have a huge soft spot for older dogs)
         I understand any special care a senior dog may need. A small
    daily surcharge may be applied depending on the level of care.           
  • Anxious dogs not used to being left alone, chewers or destructive dogs are not
    a good fit in a private home setting. I have to leave the house for outside pet sits
    for short periods of time and a dog would be left alone. I can't risk damage to my
    home if a dog acts out when alone.
  • I love to walk, hike or just being outside the great outdoors.                    
    If you have a dog that enjoys a nice walk  (long or short), or      
           perhaps just likes to be outside to leisurely dilly dally and sniff,
           I will cater to whatever your dogs preference. If they like to ride
           in a car I will take them to a local park for an adventure. Or, If your
           dog just wants to come along for a car ride we can do that too.
SINCE 2005
I'm on supposed to be on
Doggie VACAY here!
Calvin was my very special customer. I visited Calvin for 7-8 weeks
every day for four straight winters plus several more visits throughout
the rest of the year. We spent a lot of time together and I hold a very
special place in my heart for him. Calvin passed in April,2019 at 19 yrs.
ROSIE AND BULLWINKLE (what's not to Love?)
Hi Maddox! You look
so handsome Big Boy.
Dog friendly downstairs
Saying Good Bye is the hardest part
of Pet Sitting. Rest in peace little buddy.
Dog friendly upstairs
Hey Bella, see that bed laying on the floor down below
you? Hint.....It's called a "dog bed". Hint Hint.....