Pet Sitting Service
Leominster, MA 01453
Phone: 978-840-8578
Email: info@fursure.net

Hello! My name is Brenda Derosier
and I started Fur Sure! Pet Sitting
Service in 2005 because I love pets
and I wanted to work with animals.
Animals make me smile and are
good for the soul.
I have had pets all my life, like most
animal enthusiasts.  Having a love of
animals is the most important
requirement for becoming a Pet
Sitter (as well as good organization
and plain old common sense).
I consider myself to be honest and
trustworthy, dependable and friendly
with energy to spare. Pet Sitting is
not really sitting, as you know.
It encompasses much more,
Fur Sure!

My Code of Ethics:  I will always keep my promises and fulfill my commitments.  My Pet Sitting GOAL is to provide
quality care for your pet(s).  I will treat your pet as if it were my own.  Because my reputation depends on your
satisfaction, I would never jeopardize it by intentionally breaking something in your home or harming your pet.

Why hire a Pet Sitter?  With the extra security and extra attention pets receive with professional In-Home Pet Care, you
can be assured your pet and your home are well taken care of.   Or...if your dog(s) stay with me, your dog (s) will be part
of the family and receive plenty of love, affection and exercise (if inclined to exercise).

Pet First Aid Certified. Business Certificate from City of Leominster.
Chaz, My faithful Pet Sitting Assistant from day one
Just can't resist can you Mr. Potter?
Note: Please read my RATES page for
information regarding New Customers
Please Note:
At this time I am only Accepting Reservations with a
start date of
Monday,September 10th and Later.
I am not longer accepting reservations for dates before
September 10th.
A meet/greet for service September 10th and later
can only be scheduled up until mid-day on August 30th.
I will miss you Chaz, You lived well.
1/13/2005 - 7/16/2018. 13 1/2 yrs.