Fur Sure! Pet Sitting Service / Policy Page


Leominster, Fitchburg and Lunenburg
(parts of Sterling & Westminster)
No service area restriction for Doggie VaCay (at my home)
1. VISITS:  Dog visits for vacation care in your home:
(3) visits per day
On departure or return days, the visits might be less
depending on time of day you leave or return.

"IGNORING" a pet.  If you own both a dog and a cat,      
please do not ask the sitter to "ignore" the cat(s);                
i.e.(not charge) during a visit. I would not allow the               
oversight of a cat in need of food, medical care or               
human attention.

HOUSE KEYS:  I can keep your house key until after     
your return unless otherwise instructed.  If you are              
delayed returning home I can continue to feed your             
pets(see key return fee on rates page). If you would            
like me to leave your keys on my last visit  prior to your       
return home, I must be informed of this in advance.

WALKING PETS: I will walk all pets who enjoy walking.    
Unfortunately some pets just don't know how to go for a      
walk. If a pet fights the leash, chokes themselves, or            
does not know how to walk properly, I cannot  continue        
to walk that pet. Each visit  includes a walk unless one of  
these conditions makes it impossible.
Every day: 7 days a week:  Start time: 6 a.m. - 9 p.m. (last visit).   Vacation/getaways/weekends.
Not available for ongoing mid-day weekly dogwalking/let outs at this time.
I am available mid-day times for booked vacations and getaways.
I understand how important your pet is to you, your pet(s) will be well taken care of.
I have a (5 visit) minimum
for new customers for in your home
(once a customer with a contract there isn't a minimum involved for future visits).
DOGGIE VACAY: In Sitters Home: (3) day minimum. Price is for 3 full days. For longer stays involving weekends,
(Saturday and Sunday) is a full day charge after 4 p.m.pickup.  Before 4 p.m. the price will be adjusted by time.  
Weekends are considered Premium Days for reservations. My weekend is booked for your dog(s).
See rates page for more information. 1-2 Dogs from the same Owner/Household per contract.
House trained and socialized dogs please. Dogs must be house trained to potty outside.
Puppies/young dogs 6 months up to a year surcharged @ $5.00 per day extra is not quite there with potty training.
Dogs of age for Rabies Vaccination need to bring a copy of certificate. Dogs must be on flea control.
LENGTH OF VISIT:  On all pet sits to your home, my visitation lasts 30 - 45 minutes.
 PET CARE:  My service may include brushing on a routine basis, I do not provide grooming.  If your pet requires         
a trip to the groomers while you are away, I can accommodate you if arrangements are made
in advance of                    
your departure.  A transportation charge will be added for this service.
ADEQUATE FOOD SUPPLIES:  I will ask at the preliminary interview that you have enough food on hand for the         
pets to eat during your absence. If you miscalculate and run out of food, a shopping charge will be added to your            
bill if I have to purchase food. This is in addition to the actual cost of the food and/or supplies.
INTERVIEW AND INSTRUCTIONS:  I will allow 45-60 minutes for the preliminary, courtesy interview. During this      
interview I normally get all necessary instruction on the care of your pets.  If you or the pet sitter feels that additional
time is needed, I can provide time, but it will be chargeable for an additional fee of $20 and up, depending on location.
DESTRUCTION BY PETS:  As a rule, most damage to property, furniture, and carpets is done by pets who get          
lonely and bored. Most owners don't know in advance what will provoke their pets to such action. I make all                     
attempts to limit any destruction by pets of household goods.  I cannot be responsible for damage done by your               
pets to your home.  I use common sense and attempt to limit and restrict bad behavior by pets.
Pet Injury at Home while alone: If a pet is injured in your home due to mischief while the pet sitter is away, Fur Sure
Pet Sitting can't be held responsible for injuries that occur while they are unattended. The client will be accountable
for any Veterinary expenses if the animal is injured while alone in the house.
11. CANCELLATION POLICY: Last Minute Cancellations (under 2 weeks) are considered lost income for the pet sitter
and the time frame usually can't be replaced with another customer at that point. It's lost. This is especially hurtful during
busy Holiday Seasons when we count on the business and our schedules should be filled.  Please do the right thing and
give plenty of notice should you change your plans. Please be considerate and inform the Sitter.
EARLY RETURN:  For in your home or in my home pet care, If you decide to come back a day or two early no credit
will be given on the missed visits. I cannot replace the open time frame at that point.    
OUTDOOR CATS:  If you have a cat who remains outdoors all day and comes in only at night, I can not assure          
that I will be able to have your cat indoors at the exact time for my visit. If a cat does not return for the nightly                    
containment, I will put the food and water outside. To assure that your cat(s) are safe while your away,  
I prefer that a cat/cat(s) remain indoors. I cannot be held responsible for cats remaining outdoors.
SHARED RESPONSIBILITY:  Many people like to include neighbors, relatives, and friends in the pet sitting               
duties. These well-intentioned actions may cause confusion during a shared responsibility sitting assignment.                  
Most common among problems is overfeeding, unlocked doors, lost keys, or missing some feedings altogether.               
I absolutely cannot be the only one held responsible for any sitting assignment mishap when others are involved with       
the workload.  I advise only one person, myself, for the entire assignment.  If the assignment is to be shared, please        
understand that this arrangement could prove uncomfortable for the pet sitter should anything happen and not be my    
SICK PETS:  I will not knowingly accept sitting assignments with sick pets that need medical care.  However, if you     
have aged, infirm or medicated pets, this is not a problem if you discuss with me the special needs of the pet.
I never take any chances with sickness.  Any pet showing signs of illness will be taken immediately to your vet or to
emergency care if neccessary.                   
Please see Home Page and Rates
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