Pet Sitting Service / Rates
Leominster MA 01453
Phone: 978-840-8578
Email: info@fursure.net
SERVICE  AREA: For In Your Home Visits
Leominster, Fitchburg & Lunenburg
Dog Boarding Customers are accepted from any location.
(from the service area above or outside the service area)

VACATION PET SITTING: (in your home)
See prices down below under "RATES"
Please see my new service policy for all new customers (to the right)
1-2 weeks(or more) Vacation Pet Sits
WeekendGetaways/Business Trips
There is a
(5) pet sit minimum for new customers
(applies for IN YOUR HOME visits/no limit thereafter/single visits available
with a contract. Advance notice appreciated).

(1) visit per day minimum for cats or other small pets
I do not provide every other day visits. 30-45 minute visit.
For cats: includes feeding, scooping litter boxes,
petting/playing if friendly and like affection/attention,
brushing, some house services such as watering plants or
small gardens, putting trash out, opening and closing
curtains and blinds. Administering medication
(no injections).
(3) visits per day for Dogs:   For the Best Care.  
Visits are 30-45 minutes.
I feel that two visits per day simply isn't the best possible care for a dog
left alone for a long duration such as a vacation.
There is too much of a gap in between visits and its a very long day to
ask your dog to "hold it".  Plus, they like the company and exercise that a
pet sitter provides.  
The first and last days of service may be less visits depending on the time
you leave and arrive home.  House visits include feeding, exercise, poop
pick up, lots of affection and attention (of course!). Administering
medication. All house services mentioned above apply to dog visits.  

Doggie VaCay:   no service area restriction with this service
In my home Family Style Boarding for dogs (prices below)
Lots of attention with this option. They are part of the family.
Dogs go for walks, jogs, hikes or just relax. We go to dog
parks or just rides in the car. Whatever the dog prefers.  
Sorry, I do not board cats and do not provide Doggy Daycare Services
(The service where dogs are dropped off for the day only).

I have a (3) Day Minimum for new customers for this service.
Prices are Per Calender Day
Priced for each day of the week that is reserved for your dog.
First day is a full day charge for new customers. After initial stay the price
for first day depends on time of drop off.  Early drop offs are considered a
full day.  Price for pick up days are based on time of pic
k up.
Drop off days:  Up until 5 p.m.  A later time can be arranged but is not
preferred. Dogs need time to settle in.  
First time customers are charged for a full day regardless of drop off time. After initial
stay the price i
s adjusted to time.
Pick up Days: Dogs can be picked up starting at 9 a.m.  

Please!  For new Customers. Try to plan in advance for
this type of service to ensure availability for the dates
needed and to allow enough time in advance for a meet and
An upfront meet and greet is mandatory and is difficult to
schedule for last minute requests.  
Dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations, on flea
control, socialized and house trained
. I will need to have a
copy of your dogs Rabies Certificate to keep on file.
A puppy will be exempt from most requirements above.
Dogs (6) months up to 1 year should be house trained.
If your dog isn't quite there yet, a $5.00 per day surcharge
will apply.

Puppies under 6 months of age,  a $5.00 per day surcharge
will apply. A lot of extra time, care and clean up is involved
with very young dogs. Young dogs need extra supervision.

I have an enormous soft spot for older dogs.
(a $5.00 per day surcharge may be added, depending on
level of care)

I'm Sorry but I can't accept dogs with high anxiety issues.
I have to be able to leave the house for visits and can't risk
any destruction to my home if a dog acts out.  

Price for Doggie VaCay (your dog stays with me)
One Dog:      $40.00 per calendar day
Two Dogs:   $50.00 per calendar day
(any surcharges for puppies/seniors are in addition to price)

PET SITTING HOURS  (in your home)
7 days per week.
Starting @ 6 a.m. with last visit at 9 p.m.
Cat pet sits start at 8/9 a.m.
Preferably morning hours for cat visits if one visit is needed.

I am only accepting new customers for the following:
(New Policy does not apply to long standing customers)
1). Boarding dogs in my home (see Doggie Vacay to left)
2). Visits to homes with indoor alarm systems / key pad alarm
(the type that can be monitored is no problem. I'll be there on time)
Visits to homes with no indoor alarm systems / key pad alarms
3). Visits to homes with outdoor surveillance camera's
or,camera's inside facing entrance/exit doors.
(It's the hidden or in your face camera's I'm just not up for anymore. sorry)        
No Camera's (Like the good old days. Misty water colored memories....)  
I'm sorry, but I no longer wish to pet sit in homes with inside camera's
( I call it my camera phobia or perhaps just "camera shy"  READ BELOW)  

CAMERA'S!   (OY ! The Bane of My Existence )  READ NEW POLICY ABOVE
I'm getting old in chronological years perhaps but I am still physically fit enough to keep doing
what I do.  I still love working with all animals and thankfully the animals stay the same.
I started Fur Sure! Pet Sitting Service in of 2005 and never anticipated this.  

The problem is I come from a lower tech lifestyle and this business has changed a lot due to the
rapid pace of technology. I am not a fan of indoor surveillance camera's and am changing how I
do business because of it.  At a great loss. There is nothing unscrupulous about it. There is no
underlying motive for this beyond discomfort.

In Home Surveillance simply makes me extremely uncomfortable and takes something away
from the pet interaction on a personal level.  The dynamics of my enjoyable service have
changed due to the influx of cameras, hidden or otherwise.  The feeling of being "monitored" or
"observed", especially secretively - It's just not for me.  Camera's turn me into a Robot.

I do understand that people want to protect their homes and it's just the world we now live in.
At my house we have 16 outdoor camera's!.  It's nuts. All are placed outside with posted signs.
Again, the world we now live in forces us to equip ourselves with camera's.  

I've always enjoyed my Pet Sitting business, however,  it has been a huge challenge dealing with
the "trust" issue over the years.  Honestly, it's disheartening.  
It doesn't matter if a customer has read great reviews, heard superb references or referrals.
A pervasive lack of trust is inherent and will always exist in this type of service.  
Please try to have faith in your Pet Sitter, it is our business to be honest, punctual and to
take great care of your pets.   
Untrustworthy or unreliable sitters just don't last long in business. And that is Fur Sure!   
Dog friendly downstairs
PLease Note: if the first free initial visit for a dog(s) is very far in
advance to the first service date, for my safety, a 2nd visit may be
requested closer to the date of service, depending on the dog(s).
This would be for visits to your home or mine.
A 2nd visit charge would apply.
ADDITIONAL VISITS: When a service agreement is not completed on the
initial visit and a second visit is needed. Second Visits are charged the pet
sitting rate for that visit. If it's in my home, the 2nd visit is charged the minimum.

Prices are for IN YOUR HOME visits
Dogs, Cats and other small pets:

PRICES START AT $18.00 PER VISIT. Starting price is based on up to 4 miles one way.
Prices increase by distance, (see prices below).
However, certain area's are priced by travel time.
I will quote a price for certain area's that are time consuming to get to due to heavy
traffic routes/several lights, etc and take additional time to get to.

$18.00 per visit  for  In your home visit (based on up to 4 miles one way)
                                                                                               see other prices below for distances
Prices are for 2 dogs OR up to 4 cats  

over 2 dogs:  add $2.00 per dog per visit   

over 4 cats:   add $1.00 per cat per visit


OVER (4) - (5) MILES:          In Your Home Pet Sitting      
OVER (5) - (6) MILES:          Prices based on distance
Unless the distance is very time consuming due to heavy traffic area's/routes )  
$19.00 per visit         In your home visit    (Note: In some area's price is based on travel time)
$20.00 per visit         In your home visit     example: 20 minutes or more travel time one way
        I will quote a price for certain locations.
OVER (6) - (7) MILES:          one way from my home
$21.00 per visit         In your home visit  (price quoted over 7 miles)
Are available upon request after the Free Meet and Greet.
I must meet the potential customer in person before I give
out personal reference information.
We both have to agree on if it's the right fit or not up front.
Any reference handed out is sure to be positive as well.
People agree to be references when they have something
good to say. To see some reviews in advance,
GOOGLE: Pet Sitters in Leominster, MA.  Fur Sure Pet
Sitting will come up under a google link. Some of these
reviews are written by my references.  This is a preliminary
reference of sorts before even meeting and is a good
indication of my service. Sorry, I'm just trying to spare my
references from excess calls and to protect their privacy.
HOLIDAYS:   $5.00 surcharge per visit (2 visit max charge)
Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Memorial Day,
4th of July and Labor Day.  $5.00 per day/Boarding
A $5.00 surcharge applies to (2) visits total on the Holidays listed (on left).  If you have over (2)
visits scheduled to your home only TWO visits will be surcharged for the Holiday.
A $5.00 surcharge per day for Dog Boarding in my home applies for the Holidays listed.
WHILE YOU'RE LIVING IT UP CARE:  A single (or two)
visit(s). This service is for  contracted customers.  If you
want to go somewhere for the day and need a visit or two
so you can enjoy the day and not be rushed to get home.
Maybe the Beach or Patriots!  Or, Skiing?  What ever takes
you away for a day..... I can help you out.
Price is based on mileage and / or travel time. See price chart above.
Some area's take more time to get to and will be priced accordingly.
KEY PICK UP/DROP OFF FEE: If a copy of the key is not given on the
initial visit and I return to pick it up. And/Or, if you want me to hold onto the
key after the last visit I will then drive back to return the key once you are
$5.00-$15.00 fee  
depending on location and travel time
Brenda and Chaz
Circa 2005 (1st year in Biz)